Education in Design highlighted by Domus journal
UA is (again) one of the 50 best Design schools in Europe
Departamento de Comunicação e Arte
The University of Aveiro (UA) is one of the 50 best Design schools in Europe. Assurance is given by Domus, one of the most important world publications dedicated not only to design but also to architecture and art. As in previous years, the Italian journal underlines again the “strong reputation” of the Department of Communication and Art (DeCA) of the UA, whose training programme is one of “leaders in Portugal”.

“This emphasis given to Design training at the UA, in a journal with the reputation of Domus, is, for us, the recognition of the merit of its key players over these 20 years: students, teachers, but also external partners”, the directors of several degree programmes in design are pleased to say.

This distinction, say Luís Dias, Rui Costa, Gonçalo Gomes, Francisco Providência and Joana Quental, teachers at DeCA, “represents yet a greater meaning if we consider that along the way, design underwent major transformations, being presently considered essential for the economic and social development”. Distinction from Domus is, therefore, a clear sign that the education we provide has been evolving in line with our time, considering the new challenges we face” and, in the current context of rapid dissemination of information, a means to “make Design at UA reach a broader audience, facilitating recruitment of students and partners”.

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