Initiative from Milene Matos, biologist at the UA, held on the 19th December
Volunteers will plant 250 exotic trees in Mata do Buçaco
250 exotic collection trees will be planted by volunteers in Mata do Buçaco, among which fire trees from New Zealand, cedar of Lebanon and photinia from China. The initiative is promoted by project “BIO Somos Todos”, led by Milene Matos, biologist at the University of Aveiro (UA). Supported by the Fundação Mata do Buçaco the tree-planting initiative will be held on the 19th December. Until then, the trees are waiting for volunteers to register.

The voluntary action is open to the public in general and will start at 9 o’clock, the participants’ meeting point being by the shop “Loja Produtos da Mata” (next to the Palace Hotel do Bussaco). From there, the teams will spread to various locations in the Mata, but they will mostly concentrate in the arboretum, namely the clearings open by cyclone Gong.

According to the organizing committee, the purpose of the initiative is "to help enrich the arboretum and restore its botanical historical truth. Many unique specimens were lost during the last decades due to successive storms that struck the Mata". Milene Matos, biologist at the UA and coordinator of the project, explains that the project further aims "to raise the participants’ awareness to the protection of the native forest and also of mixed mature forests, with a very important ecological function ".

Registrations (free) should be done here.

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