Study by the Department of Chemistry crucial to send ‘ovos moles’ to the world
Research by the UA enables authorisation from Brussels to export ‘ovos moles’
Élia Maricato, uma das investigadores do DQ envolvidas no estudo dos ovos moles
After the University of Aveiro (UA) established that the ‘ovos moles’ (typical sweet speciality of Aveiro ) can be frozen with no risk of losing the characteristics that make of this regional sweet the ex-libris of Aveiro’s confectionery, this week the European Union approved its export when subject to deep-freezing. This is because this way the product’s expiry date is extended, enabling thus its export to remote markets.

Conclusions of the study, commissioned to the UA by the Association of Producers of ‘Ovos Moles’ of Aveiro (APOMA) with the purpose of internationalising the product, showed, by the end of 2011, that this conventual pastry when deep-frozen to minus 40 degrees keeps its flavour and is not harmful to health for about four months.

“In microbiological terms and in terms of sensory analysis there is no problem with freezing pastries since there is no change in their chemical components”, claims Manuel A. Coimbra, researcher at the Department of Chemistry (DQ) of the University of Aveiro.

The findings of UAs research group, coordinated by Manuel A. Coimbra, of the Department of Chemistry, with the collaboration of Sónia Mendo, of the Department of Biology, thus opened doors to the commercialization of ‘ovos moles’ in the foreign market, something until now impossible due to the traditional 15 days of validity of the egg yolk-based product certified by the European Union with Protected Geographical Indication.

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