Project of Miguel Bento, former student in Electronics and Telecommunications of the University of Aveiro
Intelligent beehive born in the business incubator of the UA is already in presale
O jovem apicultor Miguel Bento e uma das colmeias inteligentes
After many years of work, intensified in the last months, and of positive feedback from the beekeeper communities, the intelligent beehive and the monitoring system developed by Apis Technology, located in the business incubator of the University of Aveiro, is finally in presale.

Determined to fight against the premature death of bees, due to reasons ranging from lower temperatures to mites attacks, like the varroa, Miguel Bento, 25 years, beekeeper and electronic engineer by the University of Aveiro, developed a solution that not only reduces the death toll in beehives, as it also allows beekeepers to do an intense management, in real time and at a distance, of their beehives.

Apis Technology has now a presales campaign in the crowdfunding Indiegogo platform, in which beekeepers, enthusiasts or merely curious people may buy the systems or simply contribute with a symbolic value.

The campaign may be seen seen.

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