Research by Ricardo Gonçalves, PhD student, Department of Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications and Informatics
UA’s smart cork ensures (or disproves) the quality of wine
O investigador Ricardo Gonçalves e o protótipo da rolha inteligente
It may look like an ordinary cork, but don’t let your eyes deceive you. Developed at the University of Aveiro, this futuristic cork will allow the reception of information concerning the wine protected by the small cork cylinder, either on your mobile or your computer. The name and origin of the drink, serial numbers and allotment and production numbers are only some of the data the consumer will be able to retrieve with a simple click.

The secret of this cork especially developed for wine and sparkling wine lies within, where, enwrapped by the cork, are a small electronic device and a tiny antenna which broadcast the information to the consumer. This project aims to circumvent the frauds to which the labels on the bottles may be subject while ensuring that the shopper buys exactly what he intends to drink.

“Inside the cork there is an antenna with a RFID chip (radiofrequency identification) as used, for example, in the access to public transportation, management of access to buildings or in the highway toll system.”, clarifies Ricardo Gonçalves. The PhD student of the UA Department of Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI) and inventor of the cork, assures that the system, having a unique identification number for each cork “allows the identification of bottles through the cork without relying on labels that can be removed or adulterated.”Rather, "if the RFID is modified it is detectable."

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