A partnership between Civitas and the University of Aveiro
Project «Human Rights in Action» awarded with international quality «stamp»
Academia de Verão 2012
The Project Human Rights in Action, from the University of Aveiro’s professor Maria da Conceição Lopes, from the Department of Communications and Art (DECA) has recently been appraised by the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI). With this quality «stamp», this project becomes part of this organization’s program «Artistic education, culture and civic responsibility».

This enterprise, started in the year 2000, results from a partnership between the UA and Civitas Aveiro (Association for the Defense and Promotion of Citizens’ Rights) and is coordinated by Inês Guedes de Oliveira, from DECA and Lurdes Ventura. It is fulfilled in the field by 38 teachers and educators and comprises children from pre-school to college education, as well as their families.

The initiative aims the promotion and cooperation in local projects of active citizenship which promote the teaching/learning process of good civic practices.

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