UA’s researcher is the only Portuguese highlighted in the book of the director of programes of the National Science Foundation of the USA
Paula Vilarinho among the most important scientists in the world in the field of Ceramic Materials
Paula Vilarinho entre as cientistas mais importantes do mundo na área dos Materiais Cerâmicos
She is one of the 100 women who contributed the most to the international development of Ceramic Materials. Her name is Paula Vilarinho, she is a researcher in the Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering (DEMaC) of the University of Aveiro (UA) and at the CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials and is in the book “Inspirational Profiles of Successful Women: Ceramic and Glass Scientists and Engineers”. Written by Lynnette D. Madsen, director of the Ceramics programme of the National Science Foundation of the USA, the book highlights a hundred women whose professional pathways in the field of Ceramic Materials and life path constitute an inspiration and example to follow.

Re-elected last April for a second mandate of the Portuguese Materials Society (SPM), a position that she combines with the Portuguese coordination of the Emerging Technologies Programme that involves the University of Texas at Austin (USA) and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Paula Vilarinho is the only Portuguese scientist to be honoured by Lynnette D. Madsen.

“I was very pleased with this honour. It is, on one hand, an international and above all independent recognition of what I have been doing since I decided to pursue a career as researcher in the field of materials. On the other hand it is a recognition based on values I cherish for my personal and professional life: merit, commitment, persistence and honesty”, says Paula Vilarinho.

On the world group of 100 female researchers highlighted in the book there are names such as Uma Chowdhry (Dupont), Nava Setter (Switzerland), Mildred Dresselhaus (USA), Noemi Elisabeth Walsöe de Reca (Argentina), Jing Zhu (China) and Helen Lai Wa Chan (Hong Kong), Alexandra Navrostky (USA), among others. “To see my profile among the profile of women from all over the world with a remarkable scientific history, some of them considered for Nobel prize nommination, is very rewarding”, recognises Paula Vilarinho.

The book was launched earlier this week during the annual meeting of the American Ceramics Society (ACERs), Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) and Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (MST) held in Ohio (UAA).