Candidaturas abertas até 31 de Agosto de 2018
Bolsa de Investigação para Mestres em Química, Bioquímica ou áreas afins
A research grant (Master) is available for scientists who currently hold a master degree in Science or Engineering disciplines within the framework of FCT funded project PTDC/CTM-NAN/6249/2014, financed by national funds through FCT/MCTES (PIDDAC) and, when applicable, co-financed by FEDER through POCI under the PT2020 Partnership Agreement.

Research field: Chemistry, Pharmaceutical sciences, Physics, or related areas.

Admission requirements: We are looking for motivated candidates with a Master degree in the field of Chemistry, Biochemistry or related areas with a final classification equal or higher than 15/20 (75%). Previous experience in NMR is a plus but not mandatory.

Activity Outline:

The main goal of this research project is to take advantage from the incorporation of 17O in solid active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) included in co-crystals, molecular salts or drug delivery systems and exploit the sensitivity of such isotope to probe their intermolecular interactions such as hydrogen bonds. Distinct hydrogen bond arrangements lead to distinct supramolecular assemblies, a phenomenon also known as polymorphism, which has a high impact in a number of physico-chemical properties of APIs such as the bioavailability and solubility. Drug polymorphism play a crucial role in the context of the pharmaceutical industry and therefore better understanding the correlation between structure and physico-chemical properties is one of the goals of this project. A combination of17O solid-state NMR, diffraction techniques and first-principles calculations will be used for crystal structure determination/elucidation of powdered pharmaceutical solids. The candidate will be actively involved in the preparation and spectroscopic analysis of the drug systems under study.

Specific goals for the candidate are:

  • Optimization of 17O isotopic enrichment techniques for several pharmaceutical systems, including the use of mechano-synthesis methods;

  • Characterization of the 17O-labeled pharmaceutical solids using NMR spectroscopy supported by other experimental and computational techniques.

Examples of selected publications related to this project:

- Mafra, L., Santos, S.M., Siegel, R., Alves, I., Paz, F., Dudenko, D. and Spiess, H. W., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134 (2012) 71-74.

- Fernandes, J. A., Sardo, M., Mafra, L., Choquesillo-Lazarte, D., Masciocchi, N., Cryst. Growth. Des., 15 (2015) 3674-3683.

- Martins, I., Sardo, M., Santos, S., Fernandes, A., Antunes, A., André, V., Mafra, L., Duarte, T, Cryst. Growth. Des., 16 (2016) 154-166.

- Martins, I., Gomes, J. R. B., Duarte, T., Mafra, L., Understanding polymorphic control using imidazolium-based ionic liquid mixtures as crystallization directing agents. Cryst. Growth. Des., 17 (2017) 428-432.

Legislation and regulations: The fellowship is in accordance with Law Nº. 40/2004, 18th August (Research Fellow Statute) and regulations for Advanced Training of Human Resources of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) I.P. — 2013 ( and the Regulation of Scientific Research Grants from the University of Aveiro – Regulation n.º 341/2011, published in Diário da República, 2nd series, n.º 98, 20th Maio.

Workplace: The work will be carried out at CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials, University of Aveiro, under the scientific supervision of Dr. Luís Mafra and Dra. Mariana Sardo.

Duration and scope of activity: The position is available immediately and will end in 30-04-2019.

Value of monthly maintenance allowance: 980 Euros/month (tax free) according to the official table for Research Grants from FCT ( The periodicity of the fellowship's payment is monthly and via bank transfer. The fellowship holder, if not covered by any social protection scheme can ensure the right to social security through adherence to the voluntary social insurance scheme, pursuant to "Código dos Regimes Contributivos do Sistema Previdencial de Segurança Social".

Evaluation Criteria and Process: The evaluation criteria are: a) marks of the academic degrees held by the applicant and adequacy of the academic training (40%); b) Research experience in a field related to the work plan (40 to 60%); c) The two candidates with better classification will be invited to an interview in case the Jury considers it necessary (0 to 20%). All eligible candidates will be ordered consecutively in terms of relative merit. The candidate rated highest in the relative merit list will be invited to fill the position. All candidates will be informed about the results by email.

Juri: The Jury responsible for the evaluation process is composed by: Dr. Luís Mafra, Dra. Filipa Sousa and Dra. Mariana Sardo.

Documents Required: i) an application letter mentioning the contacts of two or three references; ii) detailed Curriculum Vitae, dated and signed, including a description of previous activities in scientific projects; iii) scanned copy of identity card or passport; iv) academic degree certificates. Applications should be sent by email to and

Call Start and Finish Dates: 26/07/2018 to 31/08/2018.

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