Dia 26 de março às 15h00
Palestra “Statistics of heat conduction in small thermo-mechanical systems”
departamento de física
A palestra “Statistics of heat conduction in small thermo-mechanical systems” realiza-se dia 26 de março, 15h00, no Anfiteatro do Departamento de Física. O orador é Sílvio M. Duarte Queirós, do Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas e National Institute of Science and Technology for Complex Systems.

A palestra destina-se aos alunos do Departamento de Física e a toda a comunidade académica.

A participação é gratuita e não requer inscrição.

Resumo do tema a apresentar:

"The law of heat conduction, i.e., the property by which the average heat flux is equal to the product of the conductance by the negative temperature gradient emerges as a paradigmatic manifestation of the laws of thermodynamics. Despite of the fact that anomalies were already found in the 1960s, the problem of heat conduction has kept on being regarded as purely thermodynamic. Inspired by a wide range of non-linear (small) systems, which span from surface diffusion and low vibrational motion with adsorbates to biological motors wherein the energy source is the stochastic hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), we will theoretically discuss to what extend the heat conduction is a simple manifestation of the physics of a system in contact with energy/heat reservoirs at different temperatures, independently of their natures. In addition, we will introduce predictions about whether or not the mechanical features of the system can influence thermodynamical measurements in experiments".

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