Deadline: April 30th of 2019
Seeking Predoctoral Candidate in CIQUS at metbiocat group
Discovery of new, groundbreaking methods, strategies and concepts in the realm of transition metal catalysis, asymmetric catalysis and modern organic synthesis. The PhD student might also be encouraged to perform computational studies. This is an excellent opportunity to learn and work in a multidisciplinary group and in a challenging and cutting-edge research environment, in one of the best research centers of Chemistry in Spain.

“Unconventional synthetic methods based on metal catalysis. Enantioselective developments and access to bioactive molecules” (Dr. Fernando López; Prof. José L. Mascareñas).

Research Center: CiQUS (, Univ. Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Group: Metbiocat (

Starting Date: Between May and September, 2019.

Terms and conditions: Initially, 1 year contract that can be extended.

Anyway, the candidate should apply for predoctoral fellowships.


• Bachelor degree in Chemistry, and academic rank higher than 7.5 (over 10).

• Master of Chemistry (organic synthesis or computational chemistry) already completed or to be completed during the current semester.

• We seek outstanding individuals with initiative, creativity and team-working ability.

• Previous experience in research activities in organic synthesis, metal catalysis, organometallic chemistry and/or computational chemistry will be highly considered.

• The name and email of a contacting professor or researcher that know the candidate should be provided.

Applications: Send a brief CV (maximum 2 pages), a list of qualification marks, and names of some professors that might write a reference letter (they will be required for preselected candidates) to and indicating in the subject “Predoc position @metbiocat”.

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