System developed with the collaboration of the UA
Forecasts of air quality take into account desert dust spread
Sistema de previsão da qualidade do ar está agora mais completo
A forecasting module for desert dust spread, from North Africa, in national territory was recently integrated in the system of air quality forecast developed within the framework of a partnership between the Portuguese Environment Agency and the University of Aveiro (UA). This way, it is possible to do and integrate a forecast of these natural events, so frequent in Portugal, enabling warnings to be made to the population and avoiding health problems.

Summer and its beautiful sunny days might also mean some problems: air quality those days is not always the best… But at least, with the help of the Grupo de Emissões Modelação e Alterações Climáticas (GEMAC – Group on Emissions, Modelling and Climate Change), of the Department of Environment and Planning of the UA, it is already possible to forecast air quality as is the case with the weather.

Within the framework of a protocol signed between the Portuguese Environment Agency, entity responsible for the definition and compliance with national environment policies, and the UA – specifically, the research group GEMAC of the Department of Environment and Planning – an air quality forecasting system has been developed for Portugal allowing for daily forecasts to be done and to launch real-time alerts to the population, so as to sustain strategic decisions for air quality management:

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