Second visit in fifteen days
Zhejiang’s delegation with interest in cooperation in marine sciences and technologies is back to the UA
Delegação de Zhejiang volta à UA para falar de Mar
A delegation of the Chinese municipality Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, has returned this week to the University of Aveiro (UA), in its second visit in 15 days, to improve scientific and technological cooperation and to implement joint venture projects, through an incentive scheme to research and technological development, involving Portuguese and Chinese enterprises. This time dedicated, mostly, to the area of maritime economy, the delegation of that insular municipality, in northeast China, close to Shanghai and constituting a triangle with Japan and South Korea, does not hide the interest also for new materials and energy.

After the visit to the UA, just over a week ago, following a meeting with the Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Centro (CCDRC), a delegation of the same Chinese province comes back to Aveiro, this time to visit specifically the UA.

The visit from the insular municipality Zhoushan, that calls itself “Ocean Science City”, located by the East China Sea, has involved a meeting, in the morning, with coordinators from UA’s workgroups that have been following initiatives of scientific and technical cooperation between the University and “Ocean Science City”, with the purpose to improve cooperation in sea related activities.

According to UA’s Vice-Rector Paulo Vila Real, everything suggests that this is the last visit before moving on to concrete projects, as basic conditions are set, both from Portugal, as well from China, for this to happen.

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