International Conference on Rural Tourism- 5th-7th September 2013
Re-inventing rural tourism and the rural tourism experience
Portugal rural
Rural tourism can be analyzed from geographical, sociological, cultural, economic, ecological, political, rural development, and from market and marketing perspectives, in order to identify and understand new meanings and opportunities, as well as challenges and difficulties. These subjects will be approached at the University of Aveiro in the International Conference « Re-inventing rural tourism and the rural tourism experience - Conserving, innovating and co-creating for sustainability».

This conference, prepared as part of a 3-years research project on the «Overall Rural Tourism Experience» (ORTE) in three Portuguese villages , offers an in depth discussion of the «rural tourism experience», its manifestations, meanings, impacts and evolution. It intends to significantly contribute to current reflections on the potential and limitations of rural tourism as a development tool as well as to the identification of ways to maximize this potential in certain circumstances, through a more profound understanding of the dynamics of the rural tourism experience.

Seven main themes are suggested for guiding discussions on the rural tourism experience:

1. Understanding the rural tourist: their motivations, perceptions, sensations, experiences, memories and imagination

2. Understanding rural residents’ experience with tourists

3. Experience design with endogenous resources (focusing on “countryside capital”)

4. Entrepreneurship and innovation for quality rural tourism experiences

5. Marketing the rural tourism experience: co-creation, experience design and promotion

6. Networks and Strategic Partnership for enhancing the Overall Rural Tourism Experience

7. Enhancing sustainable development through rural tourism experiences

Call for papers until March 1st, 2013.

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