15 and 16 July at Aveiro University
International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development held in University of Aveiro for the first time
Desafios da era digital discutidos por académicos, profissionais e investigadores internacionais
The 43rd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development was held at the University of Aveiro in 15 and 16 July 2019. Entitled “Rethinking Management in the Digital Era: Challenges from Industry 4.0 to Retail Management”, the conference focused not only on recent challenges from the digital era to societies and business enterprises, in particular to Retail Management, but covered other topics on the economic and social field as well, as it may be consulted online at

It was an opportunity to gather dozens of expert academicians, practitioners and researchers, coming from four different continents, many of which visiting Portugal from the first time. Angola, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, or Thailand, were some of the nationalities represented at the conference, therefore ensuring a wide range of interesting presentations and discussions crossing very different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences and cultures.

The participants were warmly welcomed by the professors Marijan Cingula and José Vieira, representing the Presidency of the Scientific Committee of the Economic and Social Development conferences and the Rectory of the University of Aveiro, respectively.