Call for applications is open from 21th May to 3rd June
Scientific fellowship is available at the Research Unit GOVCOPP
One scientific fellowship is available at the Research Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies – GOVCOPP UID/CPO/04058/2019, in the research group on Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability (CIS), at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, financed by FCT/MCTES, through national funds (PIDDAC).

Scientific Areas: Economics, Management, Finance and other social sciences.


Admission requirements:

  1. The candidate must have a Master degree either in Economics, Management, Finance or in other social sciences.
  2. Candidates with Master degree in other fields will be admitted if they demonstrate a solid research record in the above-mentioned scientific areas.
  3. The candidate must have experience in scientific research, preferably supported by authored or co-authored international publications.
  4. The candidate must demonstrate an excellent command of reading, listening, speaking and writing in English.
  5. Preference will be given to candidates that:
    1. have working experience in multidisciplinary research projects;
    2. have working experience in supporting activities on management of international projects and research activities.


Job description: The research fellowship is expected to contribute significantly to the overall goals and objectives of the GOVCOPP and to the specific goals of the CIS research group, as expressed in the Research Unit’s strategic plan.


In particular, the fellow is expected to:


  1. Assist the coordinator of the CIS research group in the group’s coordination tasks.
  2. Significantly contribute to the funding and internationalization of the CIS research group, helping identify relevant project calls (especially at international level) and actively promoting and supporting the process of application to these calls.
  3. Collaborate with members of the Research Unit, particularly of the CIS research group, in the writing of high-level publication outputs, especially articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals.



Legislation and regulations: Scientific Research Fellowship Statute-Law (Decree 40/2004, 18th of August); FCT, I.P. Fellowships Regulation approved by Regulation 234/2012 of 25 June, amended by Regulation 326/2013 of 27 August 2013 in force (, and Regulation for Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources 2011 and the Scientific Research Fellowship Regulation of the University of Aveiro – Regulation Nº.341/2011, Diário da República, 2nd series, nº. 98, 20th of May.


Workplace: The work will be developed at the facilities of the Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies, University of Aveiro, in the Department of Economics, Management, Industrial Engineering and Tourism.


Duration of the grant: This is a 6 months limited term non-tenure accruing position. The grant will predictably start on 1stJuly 2019, eventually renewable, contingent on satisfactory performance and on funding availability.


Monthly allowance:

The amount of the grant corresponds to 989,70 € per month plus social security according to the scholarships value table of FCT, I.P. in the country (, with payments made monthly by check or bank transfer. The stipend value is free from taxation.

Methods of selection: The evaluation criteria and methods shall be as follows, with a maximum of 100 points:

  1. Adequacy of the academic profile to GOVCOPP and research group Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability (CIS) goals and strategic guidelines (maximum of 50 points);
  2. Publication record (maximum of 10 points);
  3. Working experience in multidisciplinary research projects and in management of international projects and research activities. (maximum of 40 points);


After the curricula evaluation, the Jury can select a maximum of three applicants, with the highest awarded points, for an interview, which may be carried out via a video-conferencing platform. This interview, if performed, will grant the selected applicants with extra points (maximum of 100 points).


The Jury reserves the right to consider the applications to be below the desirable quality levels, and suggest closing this call without any selected applicant.


Members of the Jury: Anabela Botelho Veloso (chair); Marlene Amorim; Elisabete Vieira and as substitute members, Mara Madaleno and Carlos Rodrigues.


Form of advertising/notification of results:

The final evaluation results will be publicized through an alphabetical list, which will be posted in a visible and public place of GOVCOPP, being the applicants notified by email.


Deadlines: This call for applications is open from 21th May to 3rd June 2019, till 5 p.m.


Application procedure: Applications must contain the following documents:

  1. Curriculum vitae;
  2. Copy of the academic degrees certificates;
  3. Motivation letter.


Applications should be sent via e-mail to the following address: