Event taking place on 25 march
Minister of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister and of Economy at the anniversary of the Aveiro Region Creative Science Park
PCI - Creative Science Park Aveiro Region
The Averio Region’s Creative Science Park (PCI) celebrates its first anniversary on March 25 with a celebratory session that will be attended by the Minister of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister and of Economy. Open to the whole community, the event will start at 3:00 p.m. and includes the inauguration of an exhibition promoted by the companies installed in the Park, a visit to the premises and a special edition of “After Work Beer”.

In addition to the Minister of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister and of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, the ceremony will be attended by Fernando Caçoilo (president of Ílhavo City Council), Ana Abrunhosa (president of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Center Region-CCDRC), José Ribau Esteves (president of the Inter-municipal Community of the Region of Aveiro-CIRA) and Paulo Jorge Ferreira, Rector of the University of Aveiro.

Although only one year has passed since it was inaugurated, the Creative Science Park is already a reference in the region as an institution that fosters innovation, research and technological development.

Created with the objective of strengthening the collaborative involvement of the scientific system, the region and the business community, the park already has 80 entities installed or in phase of installation, involving 400 people, mainly in the areas of Information Technology, Communication and Electronic Technology, Energy and Agri-industrial technology, as well as a Habitat Cluster and a Knowledge and Economy of the Oceans Cluster, among others.

Its concept and its own shareholder composition, which includes the University of Aveiro and local authorities, as well as business and financial entities, is one of its most distinguishing aspects, allowing it to stand out for its formal and effective involvement of different actors that constitute the triple helix of innovation and economic development: knowledge through the UA, the region, through the Inter-municipal Community of the Region of Aveiro (CIRA), the municipalities of Ílhavo and Aveiro, as well as enterprises.

This collaborative process is given further value by the existence of spaces and initiatives to support the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and business training, among which the Design Factory, the Business Incubator and several Common Use Laboratories stand out.

The Creative Science Park also includes a large business and startup area designed to attract and retain talented and visionary entrepreneurs interested in developing business related to the creation of highly qualified and innovative products and services in the Park’s fields of specialization.

Since the beginning of its activity, a number of actions have taken place that have resulted in the installation of Business Innovation Centers and Research Projects and that are characterized by:

- The 200 people who daily work in 24 entities;

- The installation of an innovation center of the Japanese telecommunications company - Hitachi;

- The development of a research project between the UA, the Navigator Company and Root;

- An occupancy rate of around 80%;

- The integration of the UA Business Incubator - currently with a 90% occupancy rate, 24 incubation companies, 9 in business development and 8 business ideas, totaling 150 people and a turnover of about € 10,000,000;

- Existence of research / innovation projects with companies and students of Design of the Department of Communication and Art of the UA, in the space dedicated to Design Factory, having already involved eight companies, 32 projects and about one hundred students;

- Performing 110 activities (e.g. visits, workshops, business meetings) involving about 4,000 people.