Auditorium Renato Araújo too small to welcome everyone at the swearing-in ceremony of new rector’s team
New Rector begins his 4-year term challenging the community to build a “University of the people”
Novo Reitor da UA desafiou a comunidade para a
“We are the University. I challenge you all to make of the University of Aveiro a different community, a special community: a university of the people.” The recently elected Rector of the University of Aveiro (UA), Paulo Jorge Ferreira, urges thus the UA community for the work he is going to lead during the next four years. The Auditorium Renato Araújo was too small to welcome all those who wanted to attend the ceremony. Alternatively, there was the possibility to watch the online streaming of the ceremony in Sala de Atos.

Following an electoral process considered as “exemplary” by Marçal Grilo, President of the General Council, the new Rector’s team took office. The team is constituted by five vice-rectors, seven pro-rectors, and led by Paulo Jorge Ferreira, professor at the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI) and previously its director.

New rector’s team

The following professors are part of the rector’s team as vice-rectors: Artur Silva (Research, innovation and third cycle degrees), Jorge Adelino Costa (Education and training), Luís Filipe Castro (Quality, communication, effectiveness and efficiency), Eduardo Castro (Cooperation University-Society) and Alexandra Queirós (Life on campus and welfare).

The group of pro-rectors is constituted by the following professors: João Coutinho (Internationalization of the Doctoral School), Sandra Soares (Curricular innovation and internationalization of first and second cycle degrees), Filipe Teles (Interinstitutional cooperation in the area of regional development and city policies), Manuel Senos Matias (Sport), Ana Velosa (Campi sustainability), José Vieira (Information systems) and Augusta Ferreira (Strategic planning).


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