UA won the 1st prize in the “Songshan Lake Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
Os investigadores Tao Yang, Sergey Mikhalev e Duncan Fagg
The Power Phoenix Team from TEMA (Centre for Mechanical Technology and Automation), University of Aveiro, Portugal won the 1st prize in the “Songshan Lake Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, European Division Finals in Munich, Germany in Nov 25th, 2017.

The competition involved a total of 13 teams from Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Norway, Belgium and Switzerland, with product areas including biopharmaceuticals, the Internet, electronic information, advanced manufacturing, new materials, new energy and energy saving and environmental protection. After a bilingual product pitch and jury questions, the Power Phoenix Team succeeded to beat the other 12 teams, including those from Oxford University, the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Paris University, among others to obtain 1st prize.

The Power Phoenix Team has now been invited to participate in the "Songshan Lake Cup" Global Finals held in Dongguan, China in early 2018 to compete in the global final championship, against teams from the North American final, Asian final and Australian-New Zealand final.

The final judging panel consisted of seven leading experts, scholars and investors from various fields in Europe, including members of the Young Academy of German Academy of Sciences, head of Signal Analysis Group of DLR Remote Sensing Institute of German Space Agency, professor of Architecture, Surveying and Environment of Munich Polytechnic University, Professor of Business Management, Federal Defense University of Munich, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Staffboard UG, David Hajizadeh, Co-Founder of Munichvalley, Head of Innovation Center, German Entrepreneurship Ltd., Dr. Zhong Wenjun, Founder of Caliopa, Dr. Wei Chen in the field of optical communications, Georg Wissmeyer, business consultant, and Mr. Wu Xiurong, head of intellectual property at Jinpeng Law Firm.

The Power Phoenix Team is composed by three researchers from TEMA, Dr.Duncan Fagg, Dr. Tao Yang and Dr. Sergey Mikhalev, and is based on a solid state battery aimed at grid scale energy storage, of low cost, high energy density and high safety. In the last 5 years, they have designed and patented the battery and are currently working on its optimization and market placement. The team members Telmo Santos and Thais Nomi from the Porto Business School support the commercial aspects of the concept.

The team wishes to accelerate science and technology into application, aiming at its capacity to transform the business potential of the idea into products and / or services that can resolve the urgent societal need for renewable energy storage.

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