Citizen Card or Digital Mobile Key authentication on University’s information system
New mechanism assure great security accessing University’s systems
Autenticação com cartão de cidadão ou chave móvel digital reforçam segurança no acesso aos sistemas de informação da UA
Students, faculty, researchers, and administrative and technical staff will have the ability to access the University’s information system in a more secure way. Besides the traditional user and password, starting this summer the authentication will be available also through citizen card (CC) or Mobile Digital Key (CMD).

Citizen Card

The Portuguese Citizen Card is only available to Portuguese Citizens. So, there is no translation.


Chave Móvel Digital (Mobile Digital Key)

What is it?

It is an alternative way to authenticate and access services in portals and websites of public and private entities using your mobile phone or email.


How to join?

Online: only available to Portuguese Citizens.

Service counters: request the service at a physical location by associating it to your id card recognized by Portuguese authorities.


How to use?

Enter your data: mobile phone number or e-mail, PIN of Mobile Digital Key and security code that you receive by SMS or email.


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