EU ActYouth Project
UA participates in international training within the context of EU ERASMUS + Project ActYouth
UA participa em formação internacional no contexto do Projeto Erasmus + ActYouth EU
The University of Aveiro (UA) was represented by Isabel Dimas, professor at the Águeda School of Technology and Management (ESTGA) and by Eva Andrade, Senior Project Manager of UATEC, in an international training activity, within the EU ActYouth project, held at the European University Cyprus, Nicosia.

Representatives of all partner entities of ActYouth project have attended five days of intensive training. Marlene Amorim, professor at the Department of Economics, Management, Industrial Engineering and Tourism (DEGEIT), is leading the project. The main purpose of this activity was getting new tools and methodologies to promote development of transversal skills of students and graduates of different educational institutions.

After carrying out a study, for which the University of Aveiro is responsible, the entrepreneurial skills that are in greatest demand by the employers have been identified, as well as the training programmes that best make it possible to develop entrepreneurial transversal skills.

This study results enabled to develop a set of 10 training modules, which cover areas such as Stress Tolerance, Conflict Management, Customer Orientation, Communication and ICT. During this period several methodologies and tools have been shared, in order to promote enhancement of transversal skills of students/graduates.

ActYouth EU - From Theory to Action is a European project funded by the European Commission, within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, which has as primary objective to develop a system whose purpose is to recognise, assess and develop transversal skills of young people, students and graduates.

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