Project of the Fundação Mata do Bussaco, departments of Communication and Art, and Biology, Sapo Labs and of the Fundação PT
Bussaco Digital awarded by the Europarc Federation
Bussaco Digital has just been awarded the prize for the best communication project in European natural areas. Awarded by the Europarc Federation, one of the most important European institutions in what regards management and nature conservation and that represents 365 members among governmental departments, NGOs and protected areas from all over Europe, the award distinguishes the project developed to reforest forest areas of the National Forest of Buçaco that have been destroyed by the storm of January 2013. Besides the Fundação Mata do Bussaco (FMB), the initiative envolves the departments of Communication and Art, and Biology of the University of Aveiro (UA), Sapo Labs, also from the UA, and the support from Fundação PT.

After having been selected as an example of good practices at national level, finalist of the Green Project Awards 2014, and at European level regarding innovation and sustainability – within the framework of the projects CASI and Active Citizens for Active Climate Protection – Bussaco Digital received another prize that will be awarded during the 2015 Europarc Conference, held in Regensburg (Germany) from 26 to 27 October.

Designed as a strategy to recover the green area lost during the storm in early 2013, the digital platform, an original idea of Nelson Matos, former student in Regional and Urban Planning of the UA presently working at the FMB, it enables anyone, through a simple click on the computer, to plant one or more trees while contributing for its maintenance and preservation of that natural heritage.

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